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Felder drilling machine takes up little space

Felder has introduced the Format 4 C-Express 920, a CNC through-feed drilling machine designed specifically for small custom woodworking shops. Sales manager Jim Stevens says the machine allows horizontal and vertical CNC processing and boring of panels and the option to add a router head for grooving.

Felder's new Format 4 C-Express 920 has a small footprint that makes it a good fit for shops with space limitations.

“It is different than other machines available in this price point as it offers faster machining in a production environment with the accuracy of a CNC machine. This machine incorporates the advantages of horizontal processing that has been proven in larger CNC machines,” Stevens says.

“It’s easy to program and operate, can handle workpieces of any length and transports the workpiece very smoothly.”

While CNC machines typically take up a lot of shop space, the C-Express 920 has a relatively small 75” x 51” (approx.) footprint and workpieces can be loaded from both sides of the machine. An additional roller support guarantees an exact processing of narrow workpieces between 70 to 150 mm, according to the company.

The standard machine is sold with a 14-spindle drilling head, which can be equipped as required. The grooving saw comes as standard and enables the grooving of rear panels or construction joints, which Stevens says are an important asset when it comes to processing of completely finished workpieces. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a milling spindle for the routing of cutouts, pockets, grooves and rebates.

The machine also features a distance measuring system and laser called the Encoder for finding the exact length of a workpiece. This ensures that construction connection can be done without any overhanging material, according to Felder.

The control unit features a 19” LCD color monitor and Woodflash programming software. There’s also a wireless bar-code reader and a function that allows the workpiece to be unloaded from the rear of the machine for production-line purposes.

The machine starts at $57,995.

Contact: Felder Group USA. Tel: 866-792-5288.

This article originally appeared in the June 2013 issue.

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