Fein oscillating power tool accessories

FEIN launched a line of oscillating power tool accessories, featuring a Starlock tool mount.

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The Starlock accessories work with oscillating renovation systems from Fein (MultiMaster, MultiTalent, SuperCut) and Bosch, as well as other manufacturers’ machines with 12-point mounts. The line features Fein’s new E-Cut Precision saw blades with bimetal teeth. Many of the more than 100 accessories, such as a profile sanding set and a sanding finger, are patented and only available from Fein. For more, visit www.feinus.com.

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue.

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New Fein Starlock Multi-Tool System. For oscillating multi-power tools to saw, sand, scrape or polish as efficiently as possible, power must be transferred from machine to accessory with minimal backlash.