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Dremel rolls out cordless rotary tool

Dremel expanded its rotary tool line with the new 12-volt model 8220, a cordless version of the company’s premium model 8200.

Dremel's 8220 rotary tool.

“The 8220 is a cordless rotary tool that is identical to our highest-performing corded tool,” says brand manager John Hauter. “That says a lot because when you take a corded tool with all of the power that it has and the ability to run every attachment and accessory that we offer, this cordless tool does all of that, plus you have the convenience of portability.”

The 8220 features a high-performance motor and is designed for demanding applications, according to Hauter. It has a removable [lithium-ion] battery and a one-hour charger.

The 8220 is compatible with Dremel’s standard and EZ lock accessories, including carving and engraving bits for fine woodworking applications.

“We’ve had a lot of favorable responses where people are using this for marquetry and inlay work with our router base attachment. Certainly woodworkers use routers all of the time, but sometimes they like to be nimble and have a light and easy-to-maneuver router for tabletops, desks and countertops. Our router base is clear and you can look through and see your line and follow your line easier. Plus, it’s lighter than a full-sized router so you can lightly and deftly move that tool around on the surface that you’re working on,” says Hauter.

The 8220 sells for about $100 with one battery and $140 with two batteries.

Dremel also offers an accessory kit, model MM388, with a wood and metal flush cut blade, wood and drywall saw blade, flexible scraper blade, sandpaper and universal adapter, which allows the accessories to work with every other brand of oscillating tool.

Contact: Dremel. Tel: 800-437-3635.

This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue.

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