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DeWalt adds power to Flexvolt line

DeWalt added a 9.0-amp-hour lithium-ion battery to its Flexvolt line, a dual-voltage (20/60 volts) platform capable of powering the company’s 20-, 60- and 120-volt cordless tools.

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The battery, model DCB609, features upgraded cells to provide 9.0 Ah as a 20-volt battery or 3.0 Ah as a 60-volt battery, according to the company.

DeWalt debuted the Flexvolt line last summer with a 6.0 Ah battery.

“The biggest advantage to this system is for using tools like miter saws or table saws that you need a lot of power for,” DeWalt director of product marketing Jeff Beck says. “You can’t get that kind of power for a 12” miter saw out of a 20-volt battery system, so the beautiful thing for the user is they can use a 60-volt battery to power a table saw and miter saw and use that same battery in their drills, impacts drivers and circular saws without having to stock two different battery platforms.”

The stand-alone battery sells for $199. Two batteries and a charges costs $299.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue.

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