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Denray’s Dust Funnel gathers the blow-off

Multiple units of the Dust Funnel can be connected to form a bridge wall.

Multiple units of the Dust Funnel can be connected to form a bridge wall.

Denray Machine’s new Dust Funnel captures the dust made from blowing off CNC routers with compressed air.

The Dust Funnel is 42” wide and multiple units can be connected together. The installation is completed with a 5” to 8” hose connecting the Dust Funnel to a shop’s dust collection system.

“When you’re changing out pieces and you’re blowing the machine off, you turn on the Dust Funnel and it creates a suction that pulls the airborne dust away and into goes into your dust collector,” says Harley Reed, Denray’s marketing manager.

A 42” section (single unit) requires 1,500 cfm and sells for $1,949. A triple unit, measuring 10-1/2’ wide, requires 3,000 to 3,500 cfm.

Hinges are included on the front of the units, so customers can create a bridge wall. The Dust Funnel is available in two styles, depending on the location of the router’s moving arm, for a proper bridge wall connection.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2018 issue.

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