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Delta debuts its new sander lineup

Delta Power Equipment Corp. has introduced four new sanders designed to meet the needs of today’s professional woodworker and serious hobbyist.

Delta's new 26" dual drum sander.

The lineup includes a 26” dual drum sander, model 31-481; 6” x 89” oscillating edge sander, model 31-482; oscillating bench spindle sander, model 31-483, and oscillating spindle floor sander, model 31-484.

Product manager Mark Strahler says the expansion is just another way for the company to offer woodworkers more options.

The dual drum sander can handle workpieces up to 12-1/4” deep x 25-1/2” wide. “This lets you take a whole assembly through rather than in pieces. Sometimes that extra capacity helps. Most of the competitors’ models offer 6” depth of cut. It’s a nice feature,” says Strahler.

It also has an independent adjustable rear drum, offering a one-pass sanding capability using two grits. “Sanding is one of those time-consuming operations; these machines are built to speed that up and simplify it,” says Strahler. “The dual drum sander will help in particular because it has two drum rolls — you can put a heavy grit on the front roll and adjust the back roll based on what kind of layer grit you put on there to get the perfect combination of height so that the front roller takes off a rough pass, then the back roller will do a finishing pass.”

The sander features a 3-hp main motor with magnetic controls; a 1/6-hp variable speed feed belt motor; a drum speed of up to 1,550 rpm and two 4” dust ports. It retails for $2,300.

This oscillating edge sander features a 1-1/2-hp motor. “This is a very versatile machine,” Strahler explains. “It gives you the ability to sand with all sorts of configurations with the table lying flat or horizontal, working with the belt vertically to do edges.”

The table height is adjustable, allowing the user to position work to use a specific area of the sanding belt, while the large belt surface allows for edge- and surface sanding. It retails for $1,050.

Strahler points out the sturdiness of the oscillating bench spindle sander ($450), which features a steel frame construction and a 14-3/4” x 14-3/4” cast-iron table. The table tilts from 0-45 degrees, with a positive stop at 90 degrees and a large bevel scale.

“The powerful 1/2-hp motor allows woodworkers to remove a lot of stock on curved and contoured surfaces quickly,” says Strahler.

The floor model, which sells for $1,670, features a 0- to 45-degree tilting spindle arbor design and a 24-5/8” x 24-1/2” cast-iron table.

Contact: Delta Power Equipment Corp., Tel: 864-231-5888.

This article originally appeared in the June 2012 issue.

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