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Cut custom beams & slabs with Grizzly’s twin-head saw


Grizzly Industrial recently introduced a twin-head, dual-blade resaw band saw, model G0919, for cutting large planks and slabs.

“If you’re a professional or a serious woodworking enthusiast, this twin-head resaw band saw will allow you to take those locally sourced slabs and timbers and quickly produce just about any kind of custom lumber you could ever need. From giant 10” x 11-3/4” structural beams, to your own custom 2x4’s, down to 1/4”-thick panels or planking, and everything in between, there is really nothing this machine can’t help you with,” says Grizzly’s Will Kersten.

The band saw weighs about 3,300 lbs. and measures 89-1/2” wide, 108” deep and 73” tall, according to the company.

It has two 2” x 168” blades, each powered by an industrial 20-hp, 3-phase motor, and a hydraulically driven conveyor.

Other features include independent upper and lower digital blade height controls, adjustable ceramic blade guides, and three 4” dust ports.

Model G0919 sells for $16,995.

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This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue.

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