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CNC Factory will debut 5G work cell at AWFS


CNC Factory will present its complete working cell at the 2021 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. The system includes a 5G CNC router, edge bander and dowel insertion machine, linked by new conveyors and a robotic arm that allows large production batches to be produced by a single unskilled operator.

“Usually, when you have a second or third machine, you also need more people in the shop. With this one, you just need one person for the whole system. The entire cell with conveyors will be debuted in Las Vegas,” says company president Chris Corrales.

The working cell consumes about 24’ x 48’ block of floor space and can produce more than 100 flat-pack cabinets in a seven-hour shift, according to Corrales.

The cell features the Python XPR CNC machining center, configured with a 12-hp HSD air-cooled spindle, 12-tool rotary tool changer, direct rack-and-pinion gearing, and 21” touchscreen mobile controller with pre-installed software.

“By simply pressing a short sequence of buttons on the command center touchscreen, the Python automatically makes precise adjustments to tool height and vacuum hold-down placement; raises or lowers the unique robotic dust hood to the optimal fixed position; selects the required tool from the 12-automatic tool changer; and more,” the company explains.

“In addition, the Python robotically affixes bar code labels to each part that includes downstream processing instructions.”

The cell’s robotic arm has the capacity to handle any size part up to 50 pounds. It methodically places one part after another onto a conveyor leading to the cell’s Badger 4600 edge bander with corner rounding capability.

Rounding out the cell is the Scorpion LDR boring and dowel insertion machine equipped with a wireless bar code reader.

The cell starts at $249,000. This price does not include a vacuum pump, tooling, upgrades, or shipping and training costs.

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This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue.

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