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Cabinet Vision offers three versions of new cut-list software

Cabinet Vision, a design-for-manufacturing system produced by Vero Software, recently launched its new Screen-to-Machine (S2M) Optimizer. The software product is offered in three versions to increase material yield by way of manual layout or through automated machining.

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Product manager Chip Martin describes the product as a jigsaw puzzle solver that converts cut-list parts of all sizes and gets the most it possibly can out of a fixed sheet of material.

“This is meant for any size woodworking shop, but it is probably going to be more beneficial for those who already have some way of calculating a cut list, such as an Excel spreadsheet,” Martin says. “What this product does is it allows them to still take advantage of technology to reduce their waste and possibly reduce their labor at the saw.”

The software is available in Standard, Advanced and Ultimate versions.

Standard is the base version and includes all the functionality necessary to communicate basic engineering data directly from CAD software to CNC machinery. It will also produce full-sized part patterns for manual cutting.

“This is especially good for smaller shops that are doing their cut list and they just want to get more parts out of their material,” Martin says.

The Advanced or middle version offers multiple machine selection, a parts library, nesting tools and the ability to import/export machine code files. The Ultimate version is for shops with high-end CNC capabilities.

For pricing and information, call 800-280-6932 or visit

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue.

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