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Blind Stapler speeds cabinet assembly


The Blind Stapler attaches a face frame without leaving a mark, according to its inventor, Stuart Topp, a cabinetmaker in Formosa, Va.

“It eliminates the operation of nailing and puttying from the nail marks that show. It also eliminates the operation of using pocket screws to attach the face frame from the underside of the cabinet,” says Topp.

The pneumatic tool weighs about seven pounds and is constructed of solid 6061 aluminum. Operation is safe and easy, Topp says.

“You position your face frame onto the cabinet box and then you set the tool on it. You hit the first plunger button and it locks the cabinet and face frame together and puts 15 pounds of pressure onto the face frame. While you have the first button depressed in your position, you shoot the second button and that drives a standard 1” staple in at a 60-degree angle. Then you just move the blind stapler up the run and shoot it that way around the cabinet.”

The Blind Stapler sells for $2,750 and is available in two colors, blue or black.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2020 issue.

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