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Bessey Tools rolls out new clamp options

Bessey Tools introduced the Rapid Action clamp and malleable cast bar clamps at IWF 2012.

The direct pressure on the Rapid Action clamp prevents pad twist. The malleable cast bar clamps feature a T-bar handle.

The Rapid Action clamp features a double-spindle mechanism for accelerated clamping action, a guided clamping bolt for direct pressure and anti-slip mechanism. In an interview with Woodshop News, product manager Andrew Fera says the no-twist feature on this series has a lot of appeal for woodworkers doing intricate glue-ups.

“There’s no twisting of the pad. If you’re doing a sensitive glue-up and you’re worried about the wood floating on the glue because the pad would twist on a normal clamp, then this is really a key feature behind this clamp,” says Fera.

Rapid Action clamps are available in three versions with clamping capacities of 12”, 24” and 36”. All have a 4” throat depth and clamping force of 1,320 lbs., according to Bessey. They range in price from $28 to $36.

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The malleable cast bar clamp series features a T-bar handle with rounded ends, malleable cast jaws with a corrugated design for strength and durability, and profiled rail. Fera says the T-bar feature offers better leverage options that certain users prefer over other clamp styles.

“We have an aging population of retired and semiretired woodworkers. They’ve worked hard all of their lives and they’ve got a little carpal tunnel or maybe their wrists aren’t as strong as they want them to be. So having that T-bar on the end of the clamp solved that for a lot of these guys. It’s a lot easier to pull than it is to twist,” says Fera.

The bar clamp is offered in six versions with 6” through 24” clamping capacities, throat depths ranging from 3” to 4-1/2” and clamping forces ranging from 700 to 1,000 lbs. They sell for $15 to $37.

Contact: Bessey Tools North America. Tel: 800-828-1004.

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 issue.

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