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Bantam Tools introduces Desktop CNC Milling Machine


Bantam Tools, a hardware and software company focused on digital fabrication, offers the Desktop CNC Milling Machine for making parts and prototypes out of wood, aluminum, brass, steel, plastics and more. The machine, which includes its own software, is easy to set up and use, according to the company.

“One of the main reasons we decided to make the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine is to close the gap between hobby-grade and professional-grade CNC machines,” says Bre Pettis, CEO of Bantam Tools.

“With the new Bantam machine, we’re offering product designers, engineers, and educators who prototype the ability to reliably machine aluminum and other materials at an entry level price point. Because this machine is perfectly suited to explore, teach, learn, and prototype, we know it’ll be a welcomed boon to both educators and product designers.”

The machine’s dimensions are 19.8” x 20.0” x 19.4”. It’s fully enclosed with safety interlocks and has an emergency stop. The working capacity is 7” x 9” x 3.5”.

The spindle speed range is 10,000 to 28,000 rpm, and maximum traverse is 250 inches per minute. It has an ER-11 collet with a recommended maximum shank size of 1/4”. A T-slot bed and fixturing are included. An auto-probing feature allows it to adjust for material location and tool length, according to the company.

“The included software provides a real-time 3D view of the design prior to milling and supports a simple drag-and-drop integration with SVG files for 2.5D designs. It features Fusion 360 integration and toolpath templates that allow CAD designers with limited CAM experience to machine parts like a pro using an Auto-CAM solution. This feature helps anyone who has experience with Fusion 360 start milling quickly and easily,” the company added in a statement.

The Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine sells for $3,599.

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This article was originally published in the November 2020 issue.

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