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Anver VPL4 Air Series Vacuum Lifter

ANVER VPL4 AIR SERIES VACUUM LIFTER is an air-powered unit that needs only 8" of headroom and is designed for lighting areas in manufacturing facilities.

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The unit features an all-welded steel frame with a vacuum reservoir and adjustable-pivoting handlebar that can accommodate a variety of load requirements. Available in capacities up to 1,500 lbs., the lifter uses interchangeable vacuum pad attachments. Standard features include a slide control valve with safety lock, high-capacity pump, gauges, air filters and a sensor with an audio-visual alarm that activates in the event of a vacuum loss or if leakage of 10 percent occurs. The lifter starts at $895, depending upon the vacuum pad attachment. Contact: Anver Corp. Tel: 800-654-3500.

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