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Anest Iwata adds new Supernova spray gun

Anest Iwata brought its latest Supernova series gravity-style spray gun to market in October. The new Entech LS400 represents the latest addition to the company’s lineup of spray guns for professional users, offering a wide range of application solutions for waterborne basecoats.

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“This is an entirely new product featuring HVLP technology and pre-atomization technology coupled together give to users a very high comfort of application, a stable and large fan pattern, high stability in droplet sizes and maximum material savings,” says product manger Mark Hebbeler.

“This product is perfect for a small shop trying to maximize profits. How this gun atomizes paint actually saves money. The transfer efficiency on it is so high that it translates into material savings, which also translates into waste, having to change booth filters, compressor wear and tear and saving on man hours and productions.”

The gun also sprays in an even and oriented fashion, says Hebbeler. “When you spray the gun and you look at the droplets from top to bottom on your material they’re all equal, which translates into a more even and better finish.”

The Entech LS400 gun retails for $760. Aluminum cups are sold separately.

Contact: Anest Iwata USA. Tel: 513-755-3100.

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