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Altendorf F5 edgebander offers complete solution

Altendorf Group America has added the F5 Edgebander to its F series line, a premium option for busy production shops that offers full edge finishing capabilities from material cuts to finished edge. The machine is very low in maintenance requirements, and it eliminates the need for additional handwork on processed workpieces, according to the company.


“What makes the F5 a complete solution is the way it’s configured,” says Altendorf’s Victor Cortes. “It’s fitted with a pre-milling aggregate, trim saw, top/bottom trimming, radius profile scraper, corner rounding unit, surface scraper and buffer unit. It’s a compact machine for all of the features that it has but at same time it allows customers to use anywhere between 1/2 to 3mm tape and put out a good quality product.”

The F5 features a gravity-type glue pot and 10” touchscreen control with memory function.

“The exchangeable gluepot is very quick and easy to change out. There are two connections for air and power, and another one where the actual gluepot is fixed to the base of machine. You just disconnect all three of these and if you have a spare gluepot just put next one in so if changing colors or going from EVA to PUR glue,” adds Cortes.

The F5 sells for $60,200 with and extra glue pot. Options include spraying units.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue.

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