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Alphacam release billed as a big time-saver

Alphacam 2016 R1, the latest release of CAM software from Vero Software, features a new automation manager that can generate numerical-control code from 2-D and 3-D CAD files, as well as from solid models created from third-party software.

Alphacam 2016 R1 features a new function called “roll-split” for manufacturers who need to nest shapes onto rolled sheets.

“This is a great alternative to a standard CAD/CAM system, where each file would have to be processed individually by inserting the file, extracting the features, applying tool directions and toolpaths, saving the file and NC code, then generating the required reports,” sales manager Michael Pettit says.

“This version of Alphacam takes a group or batch of files and automates the complete processing of the parts. Overall, this will save the end-user days and weeks, potentially even months of programming time in a year.”

Other enhancements include the Parametric Sketcher, which provides a simple way of parametrically generating geometries for files that are used regularly without the need for complicated constraints or routines.

“Common CAD geometry is created automatically, regenerating the file with any required variables, meaning there is no need to redraw similar components or families of parts. They are built using standard geometry commands and parts with the same form but different sizes are created by simply modifying the values of one or more variables,” Pettit says.

Other enhancements include File Inserter, the new geometry creation tool, allowing predefined elements such as hinges and locks on a door to be inserted easily onto a newly created drawing from the parametric sketcher; 2-D Transform, the new geometry modification tool, making it simpler to manipulate operations such as distort, scale, move and rotate, and the new auto-update material function, giving the option to associate a material to auto-update after each cutting operation.

“It optimizes time on the CNC machine by automatically updating stock, ensuring that subsequent toolpaths are only relevant to the residual material,” Pettit explains.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue.

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