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Bora Tool’s new NGX Clamp Edge is all about the accessories. It is available as a standard clamp edge guide in 24”, 36” and 50” lengths, but extends to 100” when a 50” extension is combined with a 50” clamp edge.

Additional accessories include the Pro Saw Plate Guide and T-Square attachment which allow users to experience track-saw like results with a circular saw, says the company. The basic clamp edge works as a cutting guide and features one-sided adjustability for faster cuts.

“From the clamping side, you place the NGX Clamp Edge across the wood, pull it back to you and the clamp mechanism slides in the extrusion for you to clamp down. So, there’s no need to place it, walk around, and keep adjusting. You can do all of that from one side,” says product manager Rod Bonham.

The NGX Clamp Edge offers one-sided adjustability.

The NGX Clamp Edge offers one-sided adjustability.

The saw plate guide is a key accessory, according to Bonham. It includes a non-chip strip that is especially beneficial when working with expensive materials and doing on-site applications.

“The non-chip strip will go on the bottom of your NGX extrusion and it is a support to the top edge of your material, so as the blade is cutting the material, some materials want to tear out that top edge, and the non-chip strip is giving support for a flawless cut,” he says.

A router plate is offered with the system as well, useful for cutting dados and more. Track clamps can also be fitted for angled cuts.

The NGX Clamp Edge system with accessories retails from $50 to $120.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2019 issue.

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