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Accuride set to roll out new security locks

Accuride will begin offering its new Senseon Secure Access Control System for cabinets and store fixtures this fall. The system includes electronic locking mechanisms for cabinet doors and drawers.

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Product manager Greg Rewers explains the system uses a radio-frequency identification card that is swiped over a proximity reader to unlock a drawer or drawer.

“In an active work environment such as a retail store or hospital, time and security are of the essence,” Rewers says. “Senseon helps you maximize your effectiveness as a business while securing valuable merchandise, cash, sensitive documents or medication.”

Each proximity reader can control up to 15 doors or drawers and can be completely hidden or surface-mounted. The system is easy to use, install and program and is meant to last for the lifetime of the cabinet or fixture, according to Rewers.

“The new concept opens up many possibilities for cabinet designers and makers by eliminating the need for visible locks. The system is flexible enough that openings can be arranged in any configuration, making it easy to incorporate Senseon into any design,” Rewers says.

“Also, the end user has the freedom of programming the RFID technology as well. You can determine how quickly it automatically relocks; it can be anywhere from an instant to a 20-minute delay. They can also assign and program the cards quickly and add or remove cardholders’ rights in under a minute.”

The system has two operation modes. The first is called kickout, which opens a drawer about 2” and will lock automatically when closed. In lock-only mode, the drawer can be opened and closed manually until the system is reactivated.

Pricing depends on the configuration and number of access cards requested, among other factors. It will be available as a package with Accuride’s drawer hardware.

Contact: Accuride International, Inc. Tel: 562-903-0200.

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.

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