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VCarve and Aspire have been enhanced

Vectric Ltd. recently released Version 8.5 for its core design and machining software, including flagship products VCarve Pro and Aspire.

VCarve and Aspire 8.5 offer enhancements in all key areas, such as file-import, drawing and toolpath management. The new version also sees support added for importing SVG and SketchUp 2016 SKP files, according to the company.

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New features include the Molding Toolpath, which will save time and increase finish quality for those who make constant cross-section molding, arches or frames.

“There has been an excellent response from customers when previewing this new option. In testing there have been savings of over 25 percent for cutting time and better quality finished parts straight off the CNC,” Vectric senior software developer Adam James said in a statement.

Aspire 8.5 builds on the software’s 3-D modeling functionality with a new Create Texture Area option to help model decorative textures. This can be used for creating architectural panels, detailed sign backgrounds, interesting effects on furniture or any other textured application, according to the company.

The Create Texture Area tool lets the user choose an existing 3-D component and then “tiles” this into a larger area. The size and spacing of the texture can be dynamically updated to easily and quickly customize the layout and can be used to model seamless organic textures or intriguing geometric patterns. To make it easy to use out of the box, the software includes 40 specially created texture clip art models.

“We’ve always had many ways to create and cut a 3-D texture in Aspire, but the new Create Texture function makes it so much easier to generate a variety of patterns to find the one your client wants as soon as possible,” Vectric commercial director James Booth added.

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