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Stiles Machinery has revolutionary smart technologies

Stiles Machinery, in partnership with Homag, will present innovative solutions designed to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce downtime during production.

“With the recent introduction of Tapio, the world’s first digital platform designed to coordinate the entire value chain of the wood industry, along with many other smart manufacturing solutions, Stiles continues to strengthen its mission to put new technologies and new ways of thinking to work for manufacturers of all sizes,” the company said in a statement.

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“Tapio is poised to revolutionize the woodworking industry by leveraging digital innovation to access important data for every stage of the manufacturing process. With Tapio, everything you need to be successful is now centralized in one easy-to-use platform designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of production management including production optimization, plant and machinery operation, predictive maintenance and much more.”

“Along with the introduction of Tapio, Stiles revealed the first intelligent operator assistance system in panel sizing history, the intelliGuide. The intelliGuide system supports the operator visually by guiding them with an LED light strip and new laser technology projected directly onto the workpieces during cutting operations. This is achieved through a unique camera system located on the top of the machine that monitors the operator’s exact movement and reacts in real time achieving new levels of quality, accuracy, and performance, while simultaneously offering more flexibility to the operator, who is no longer bound to a specific order of operation.

“In addition to these revolutionary technologies, Stiles Machinery, in conjunction with RSA Solutions and Schuler Consulting, offers a number of smart solutions that are helping manufacturers worldwide achieve higher levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity than ever before.”

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