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Think thin at Wintersteiger’s booth

Wintersteiger will present its advanced thin-cutting technology used worldwide in the production of sawn lamellas.

“Thin kerfs (1.1mm/0.043") with the highest accuracy (0.006") allows a cut surface to be immediately ready to glue,” the company said in a statement.

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“Processing the lamellas without additional steps before glue are key benefits to save time and money.”

The company’s customers include manufacturers of engineered flooring, doors and windows, multi-layer boards, pencils, and musical instruments.

Its product line includes thin-cutting frame saws, thin-cutting band saws, including upstream and downstream processing, blade sharpening machines, carbide and Stellite saw blades, and technologies for gluing and pressing.

Wintersteiger also specializes in timber repair and cosmetics. This is a process that allows a knot or crack to be injected with filler material that has an almost instant cure time, no shrinkage, and allows for immediate stacking or sanding, according to the company.

For more, visit IWF booth No. 6781 and

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