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Thermwood gives ‘CNC Access’ to Cut Center

Thermwood has responded to customer requests by adding a “CNC Access” feature to its Cut Ready Cut Center.

“Thermwood has created a simple way to switch between operating as a CNC router and operating as a Cut Center to assure that all machine parameters are properly reset and that the standard Cut Center tooling is properly installed, checked and ready to run,” the company said in a statement.

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“We believe this approach dramatically expands the capability and flexibility of the Thermwood Cut Center, without losing its ease of use, yet still providing technical users new options to benefit from this new technology.”

The CNC Access feature allows for the following:

• Operate the system solely as a Cut Center with no CNC programming required.

• Operate the system as a CNC router in the traditional manner, running programs generated with virtually any CNC software.

• Plus, using eCabinet Systems software and following specific design protocols, you can custom design products and add them to the Cut Center libraries and then those items can be machined by the Cut Center with no further programming (Note: In addition to doing it yourself, Thermwood offers this type of product development as an optional service).

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 8216 and

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