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The Energy & Space Efficient Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamps

Energy and space efficient the Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamps are leading the way in clamping methods. 

These air operated units are making a difference in production and custom shops by holding secure doors, counter tops, cabinet parts (large & small) without making a mark on them and allowing complete access to the work piece. Using a custom jig these units can hold dimensional pieces stable while the piece is being worked on. Be it wood, metal, solid surface, stone or any non-porous material the Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamp is going to hold it secure while you work.

Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamps uses the technology and efficiency of compressed air, which is readily available in-shop or on-site, for powering the basic function and operation of these units. Simply connect to your compressed air supply and the machine is operational. Having a welded steel frame with an aluminum plate top these units can handle the weight of your projects. Designed to be easily bolted into place to hold heavy awkward pieces or as part of a work pod (nesting group) depending on your needs, yet light enough that it can be moved from job to job.

Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamps easily adapt to rout-to-pattern work making it quick and efficient. The fact that it’s always ready to use, no set-up required, the dependability and stability of the Her-Saf Air-Vac-Clamps are unsurpassed, making this one of the most used pieces of equipment in the building!

Manufacturing Her-Saf products since 1960 Safranek Enterprises, Inc. began as a commercial cabinet and millwork shop. Each product is designed to increase accuracy, dependability and safety while reducing energy use and production time. Safranek Enterprises, Inc. is located at 4005 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422. For more information call 1-800-553-9344

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