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SDC improves its nozzle cleaning technology

Scientific Dust Collectors introduces the next generation of nozzle cleaning technology for reverse pulse jet dust collectors.

“SDC’s unique new cleaning nozzle provides an improvement in cleaning technology that achieves superior performance even at lower compressed air levels. These levels can be as low as 80 psig. SDC will guarantee, in writing, a four-year bag life in your application,” the company said in a statement.

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“SDC has used nozzle based cleaning systems for pulse jet collectors in the manufacturing industry for over 32 years. The key to the performance of this cleaning system is the scientific design of the cleaning nozzle. This patented technology provides more induced cleaning air into the filter media than any other system available. SDC’s nozzle is able to increase the cleaning velocity to supersonic flow even at these lower compressed air levels thus saving energy and money.

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