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RazorGage offering manual work order creation and retrieval feature

RazorGage announces a new cut list creation feature that now comes standard with every Windows-based controller. Cut lists can be created and saved at the machine just as quickly and easily as in the office, according to the company.

“RazorGage Windows-based controllers have always supported simple Work Order download,” the company said in a statement. “Built in Wi-Fi on the tablet PC operator interface makes networking easy and it is included at no extra charge even on the most basic units. Cut lists can now be created and saved right at the saw station on the RazorGage Windows controller. The touch screen and on-screen keyboard can be used to give the cut list a meaningful name. No need to remember and search for a cut list number. 

“RazorGage also added the ability to keep track of quantities. If the ToolSafe option is included, the part quantity remaining to be made will automatically decrement after the saw has cycled. When the quantity remaining reaches zero, the software will advance to the Next Line. Labels may also be produced, and that feature can be enabled at no charge.

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“Cut lists can be re-opened at any time in the future should you want to run a job more than once. Cut lists can be programmed to run in stop mode (absolute) or pusher mode (incremental).”

RazorGage positioners and saw systems are designed and produced by Technical Services Inc.

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