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Omga will feature pair of optimizing saws

Omga will present two optimizing saws at IWF, including models T2006 and T523.

The T2006 is an automatic high-speed crosscut, defecting and optimizing saw system. It is equipped with a CNC precision programmable pusher to accurately position the board to selected lengths. The system is capable of cutting material up to 5" thick and 10" wide and has a maximum feed speed of 800 feet per minute. It is available in 13' or 20' useable infeed lengths.

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“The onboard PC can perform seven different work cycles of optimized and defect cutting, providing constant updates and statistical data on the status of the program being processed,” the company said in a statement. “The T 2006 OPT is suitable for any application where defecting, optimizing and high precision cutting is required. The system can cut and handle up to three different grades within the same cutting list. “

Omga’s mid-high range optimizing saw, model T523, consists of a push-feed optimizer for defecting and full optimization of wood pieces. A pneumatic tail clamp system ensures accurate handling of boards during the positioning, between each cut. Two horizontal clamps self-adjust based on the cross section of the work piece and ensure that the board is square against the fence before each cut. The marking of defects is carried out using a fluorescent crayon. The phase of reading the defect marks and length of the board occurs automatically during the return stroke of the pusher.

Both models will be available at the show for customer demonstrations.

For information, visit IWF booth No. 6468 and

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