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New dovetail clamp from Micro Jig

Micro Jig will introduce the MatchFit Dovetail Clamp at IWF, an innovative new woodworking tool that allows users to quickly and easily attach fences, outfeed tables, cutting guides, and more with just a dovetail groove.

“MatchFit Dovetail Clamps are manufactured with a forged head compatible with a ½”-wide, 14-degree dovetail groove,” the company said in a statement. “The unique shape of the MatchFit Clamp head allows it to be securely inserted into a dovetail slot and slide along the groove to the desired clamping position. Because the clamp head is enclosed within the dovetail groove, MatchFit Dovetail Clamps stays clear of work surfaces, blades and bits, letting woodworkers perform shop operations smarter and safer.

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“With a jaw depth of 2-3/8” (60mm) and a clamping range of 0” to 5-1/4” (130 mm), MatchFit Dovetail Clamps can grip any surface up to 5-1/4” thick with up to 595 lbs. of clamping pressure open at 4”.”

Users create their own track grooves using any 14-degree, ½” dovetail router bit, then slide the clamp head along the dovetail groove to the desired clamping position, according to the company.

“Because MatchFit Dovetail Clamps slide securely within the dovetail groove and stay out of the way during operation, users can clamp virtually anywhere. This gives woodworkers the flexibility to mount fences and extensions horizontally or vertically and without obstruction. They can quickly and easily attach taller fences, and extend infeed and outfeed capacity on table saws, router tables and band saws.”

The MatchFit Dovetail Clamp system includes two clamps and retails for $39.95.

For more, visit IWF booth No. 4229 and

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