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Lobo panel saw and new molder sander at Castaly

Castaly Machine will present the Lobo panel saw developed for the industrial market and a new molding sander.

The Lobo panel saw “features advanced computer control, high-efficiency automatic pusher systems, reduced cycle times, and perfect square cutting accuracy, with large memory capacity up to 10 sets of five cuts, permitting for the retention of a wide variety of cutting parameters,” the company said in a statement.

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“This machine can memorize settings for five years, [and] in case of power failure; programs can be stored permanently.”

The molding sander is ideal for mass production and profiled edges.

“Individual pressure rollers ensure the accurate feeding of irregular shaped parts during the sanding process. The machine is equipped with an infinitely variable-speed control for the best feed rate selection for the type of material being sanded. Side sanding heads are independently tilt able for ease of set up and any type of profile. All sanding heads can be equipped with either brush or profile abrasive wheels that can be easily and quickly set up,” the company said.

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