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Kerfkore products are now available with veneer faces

Many of the bendable and lightweight panels from Kerfkore are now available with wood veneer faces that can be specified, according to the company.

Most domestic and imported veneer is obtainable and will provide a quality veneered panel that will fulfill your project needs. This is ideal for architectural panel usage in reception desks, walls, ceilings, cabinets, fixtures, furniture and other quality wood applications. The lightweight panel products are useful in the marine and RV industries where weight and durability are a key concern.

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Kerfkore veneered panels can meet specific requirements including certified FSC chain of custody, NAUF, FR, MR and other requests. They can even provide credit points toward the USGBC LEED program.

“We take our Flexboard material and hot press the veneer onto a very stable hardboard face that provides a very smooth and consistent panel. Depending on the veneer grain direction this panel can be bent to a 16”-20” radius with no damage to the face. These panels are available in either long or short face grain direction. Panel sizes are up to 5’ x 10’ x 3/4” as a barrel or column bend. We can also use your supplied veneer face material to enable matching your other project flat panels providing a perfect and consistent match throughout the job,” the company said in a statement.

“Foamkore and Balsakore can be provided with veneer faces to meet our customer’s specifications. The result is a lightweight architectural panel that can be up to 80 percent lighter than most traditional fiber core materials. Due to the reduced weight, handling and installation issues are reduced and simplified. These panels are available up to a nominal 5’ x 10’ size or can be ordered cut to size. The Foamkore product can be made up to 3” in thickness.”

Kerfkore can also provide a quality wood veneer product in a wide range of face grade requirements from value veneer applications to architectural grade panels.

For information, visit and Booth No. 2163 at IWF.

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