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Kerfkore adds Balsakore products

Kerfkore is introducing Balsakore, a lightweight core material made from the balsa tree. The wood is low in density, but high in strength to provide a strong, lightweight cellulose-based core material, according to the company.

Balsakore can be used in the Kerfkore bendable and lightweight products to provide a core that is made from FSC-certified material containing no added formaldehyde.

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The balsa tree is plantation-grown and can be harvested in six to seven years. Balsa wood is five times lighter than traditional particleboard and fiberboard core materials and three times lighter than lite-core plywood materials.

“Balsakore is offered as a core material in the Kerfkore, Timberflex and Flexboard bendable line as well as the lightweight product line,” the company said in a statement. “Currently this core is available in 5/8” thickness that will provide a 3/4” finished thickness for both Timberflex and Flexboard products while the Kerfkore product is available in a 5/8” thickness. The lightweight product is available in 3/4” thickness with multiple face options. Balsakore products can be used with both cold and hot press laminating processes at normal operating pressure. The core also provides the strength to add fasteners, hinges, and other types of hardware. The edge will machine smoothly and is suitable for use with automatic hot melt edge banders.

“Balsakore provides an environmentally friendly product that comes from a rapidly renewable resource. It can be used with conventional fabrication methods to achieve a strong and durable product that is lightweight and good for our environment.”

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