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KCD software rental is a game changer

KCD Software now offers their entire Cabinet/Closet Software Suite as a rental. And unlike some software companies that offer a “lite” version for rent, or only offer a “rent-to-own” program (more like a payment plan), KCD Software brings to the Cabinet and Closet maker their full program with all the bells and whistles – with absolutely no obligation to purchase.

Prices start at only $95/month for Cabinet/Closet Designer and include features like the innovative Custom Library Creator and Counter Top Profiler.

Being able to get into an easy-to-use, powerful design and build program without making a large investment changes the whole software playing field. KCD Software has created an economical solution for small and large shops to have virtually instant efficiencies by streamlining their design, pricing, cut listing, and machining capabilities, thereby increasing profitability.

KCD Software’s Cabinet/Closet Suite is modular and integrated to support the design and woodworking shop at every level. You can buy or rent the suite at any level, and add on features later. Here’s how the rental works:

Rent Cabinet/Closet Designer at one low, monthly price. Enjoy the Design Studio with its Custom Library Creator and instantly create elevations, floor plans and 3-D renderings to design your projects and impress your clients. Rental is just $95/month, and you can stop and start renting it on an “as needed” basis – with no obligation to purchase. If you decide to buy it, KCD Software will apply a portion of your rental amount, to the purchase price.

To prepare standard or custom contracts, proposals and estimates quickly, add Pricer to your Designer rental for a small, one-time fee. Get all the benefits of Cabinet/Closet Pricer and Designerat only $95/month.

To avoid costly construction errors – go directly from design measurements to cut list. Add cut listing to your Designer rental for a small one-time fee and get all the benefits of Cabinet/Closet Builder, and Designerfor only $95/month.

Combine the features of Cabinet/Closet Designer, Pricer and Builder into one robust program for a one-time fee, and Cabinet/Closet Workshop is the toolbox of choice for custom shops and savvy contractors for only $95/month.

Customize additional components of your monthly rental and go directly into manufacturing and building with CNC Linker or CNC Commander’s One-ButtonMachining for a one-time fee and additional monthly rental charge.

Each full-version rental includes free technical support. They’ll actually help you get up-and-running with the software at no extra cost. It’s an economical way to access all the benefits of KCD’s sophisticated software suite – at a price that’s easy to pass along. Visit Booth #1113 or for the full range of features for each level of software, and pricing information.


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