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Eurosoft partners with Cobus ConCept

With more than 20 years of experience providing manufacturers professional IT development and implementation, German-based software company Cobus ConCept has become a trusted and reliable partner for woodworking manufacturers around the world. Its revolutionary CAD/CAM software, NCAD has become the industry standard throughout Europe with over 600 installations to date.

The NCAD software suite offers a variety of tools and modules that can significantly aid in improving the efficiency and automation of a manufacturing center. With NCAD implemented, one system controls every CNC machine and all of the necessary data is sent directly to production through Cobus NCAD. So there is no need to spend additional time learning to use a variety of other software programs, according to a Eurosoft release.

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“The greatest money and time saving gains can be won by making use of NCAD's powerful parametric programming tools. Assign variables to just about any design element in NCAD, tie it all together with the desired conditions, and from there on out you can quickly create new models and catalogs without having to redesign every element piece by piece. Keep it simple or get as complex as you need to. NCAD has the inbuilt intelligence to handle the operation.”

Other key features include:

?• Intelligent nesting module

?• Post processors for all brands of CNC machines

• ?Inbuilt easy-to-use macros and custom macro builder

?• Integrates with ERP

?• Imports all your existing design files (.DXF, .DWG, etc.)

?• Industry-specific door and window modules

?• 3-D test simulations for design testing

For information, visit and visit booth No. 4923 at IWF.

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