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Delcam adds new features to design and manufacturing programs

More powerful tools in Delcam’s ArtCAM range of artistic CAD/CAM programs will be on show at the 2015 AWFS fair.

Visitors to the to the company’s booth will see new tools to speed up the editing of vectors inside ArtCAM Express. The main development for ArtCAM Insignia is the ability to create and edit 3-D shapes with the shape editor. A significant change in both ArtCAM Insignia and ArtCAM Pro is the ability to create and edit 3-D shapes in real time, allowing the user to see changes instantly, according to the company.

“While ArtCAM Express does not contain any 3-D design tools, users can create 3-D designs for machining by importing 3-D models or by using the 600 plus clipart reliefs included with the software (more than 600). To enable more complex 3-D designs to be created, a new combine/replace mode has been added allowing reliefs to be overlapped and intersected,” the company said in a statement.

“ArtCAM Insignia has been particularly successful in the volume production of artistic items in 2-D or 3-D, such as signs, furniture and cabinets. It allows users to increase productivity, improve quality and deliver new designs more quickly, by combining their craft skills and creativity with the power and precision of computer-aided manufacturing.

“The main development for ArtCAM Insignia 2015 is the ability to create and edit 3-D shapes with the shape editor and two-rail sweep tools in real time, allowing the user to see changes instantly. Previously, this type of live update was only available when distorting vector artwork. In addition, extrude, spin and turn modeling tools previously available only in ArtCAM Pro are now included in ArtCAM Insignia, giving more methods to create freeform 3-D shapes. These extra tools also operate in real time. Another enhancement allows rotary models to be developed as the basis for designs, with the ability to wrap reliefs around them, if required.

“The main development for ArtCAM Pro 2015 is the new putty tool for modelling. This allows models to be edited by picking an area to be moved, swirled, pinched or puckered. It will be especially valuable when creating a series of variants on a repeating element in a design, such as a number of flowers making up a bouquet, or subtly changing the details of a design such as facial expressions. Together with the existing 3-D tools in ArtCAM Pro, it will help the most ambitious designers create any shape they can imagine.”

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 7825 and

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