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Colonial Saw will debut Cabineo connector

Colonial Saw will showcase Lamello’s new one-piece RTA cabinet connector, Cabineo, at AWFS.

“Cabineo’s unique design requires significantly fewer processes and eliminates the chance for errors during assembly,” Colonial Saw vice president Dave Rakauskas said in a statement. “In comparison with the standard cam and dowel fitting, Cabineo delivers more efficient production, faster installation, stronger connections and a higher clamping force. There is no more need for edge drilling or wooden dowels.”

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Cabineo is inserted into a surface-only routed shape on the cabinet components during production or at the final destination. When factory-installed, they are easily flat-packed for transport, and end-users don’t need to install loose fittings. Cabineo can be used with all kinds of CNC machines, including very simple 3-axis and nested-based machines.

Installers can then singlehandedly install the finished product with just a cordless drill in seconds. Optional, aesthetic cover caps are also available in a variety of colors.

“We share Lamello’s commitment to innovation and we’re excited to bring Cabineo to the AWFS show,” Rakauskas said. “With time-savings built in to production, transportation and assembly, we expect it will be a huge hit.”

For more, visit AWFS booth No. 9211 and

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