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Colonial Saw offers CNC profile grinder

Colonial Saw, a supplier of cutting tool grinding equipment, will debut a new CNC profile grinder at the 2015 AWFS fair in Las Vegas.

“The UT.MA P20 CNC is a fast and powerful profile grinder,” the company said in a statement. “No templates are needed. The machine accurately rough grinds from blank knife to finished profile directly from DXF CAD drawings. Its 10-hp grinding motor with variable speed control is five times more powerful than standard manual profile grinders.

“With four CNC digital servo motor controlled axes, the UT.MA P20 CNC automatically compensates for compound side and back clearance angles. The full cabin enclosure is significantly safer than manual knife grinders. The quick-change grinding wheel grinds against the cutting edge only, limiting any burning to the bottom of the grind.

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“The versatile UT.MA P20 CNC Profile Grinder can be used for manufacturing or regrinding profile tools. It is also a great complementary finishing machine for those who rough grind with a waterjet. Molding and millwork companies use the P20 CNC to grind custom knives in the original heads while toolmakers use it for mass production of HSS molder knives, carbide inserts, brazed cutterheads and router bits.”

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 9206 and

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