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Amazon Canvas will feature its ImagePaint software

Amazon Canvas, a specialist in computer graphics, marquetry and wood inlay design and production software solutions, says it successfully developed its first-generation ImagePaint Design Pro and ImagePaint Production Pro software products, for immediate commercial use.

“We are very pleased to announce our ImagePaint, an innovative and creative software solution for craftsmen, artists and graphic designers,” company owner Vincent Doan said in a statement.

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“We formed our company in 2011 and have utilized this technology as a learning vehicle, enabling us to develop our commercial grade ImagePaint software product, which will empower graphic designers, craftsmen and artists with the tools to transform their creativity into high quality digital and physical products, while minimizing material waste and labor cost.”

ImagePaint is a software add-on for Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editing application. ImagePaint enables users to paint vector shapes with JPEG images. These images can be of wood, marble, fabric, mother-of-pearl, glass, metal or any other materials that have been scanned or photographed into the computer. As a result, users can see and make changes to the design before it is built, according to the company.

ImagePaint is the only software that can take JPEG images and organized them in Image Swatch Libraries, where shapes can be painted with images from an Image Swatch Library by simply selecting the shapes and clicking on an image swatch. ImagePaint currently supports Adobe Illustrator CS4 through CC2014 for Windows OS and will be available for Mac user in the near future.

Available in ImagePaint Production Suite is the Production Interface that can transform a finished digital design into toolpaths or shapes that are optimized for cutting with a CNC machine such as a laser or waterjet cutter, or by hand using a knife, a scroll saw or a fretsaw.

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