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Worth it

I’m a big believer in buying woodworking machinery that provides support from the manufacturer.

The temptation to buy cheaper equipment is strong but should be weighed against the level of support available from the seller. It may be nonexistent. So, if you need parts or advice on how to repair a machine, it’s all on you.

I’ve found great customer service and the manufacturer’s support to be worth the extra cost.

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Worth the effort

In a reply to a recent post, a question was raised: “Why don’t you write an article about why the art of making fine furniture has gone down the toilet.”

The last thing we need

I’m a bit concerned about how tariffs imposed on imports might affect woodworking businesses.

Can we get a ruling?

Webster’s defines industry as “economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.”

I’m a genius?

My wife thinks I’m a genius. Well, not all the time, but particularly because I’m always figuring out how to fix things.