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World domination?

Yes, world domination seems to be the only worthy goal remaining. Oh, I know, it's been tried before.

Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, the Greeks and Romans, Shaka Zulu, Napoleon, Hitler and many others exhausted their life's energy attempting to rule the world. They all discovered the same thing. It is simply not possible to spread a limited amount of physical resources over such a vast area.

But they did not have computers! With everything linked by computer, we now have a massive effort being made to establish world domination economically. Big corporations are getting bigger, swallowing up the smaller ones, merging with their peers to form even bigger corporations, controlling more and more of the world's resources. Corporate profits are now the main indicator of economic strength. It's no longer about how the average Joe is doing. If the big guys report big profits, their stocks go up and everyone feels safe and life is good.

There are those of us who still think that doing a good day's work is something to be proud of. We know our customers by name and understand the symbiotic relationship that makes our coexistence possible. This is not getting any easier as big business becomes the paradigm. I certainly do not envision being swallowed up by a big corporate woodworking operation, but the struggle to not be put under by them is steadily increasing.


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The big push in today’s market place is toward automation. Most large industries are already at least partially automated with CNC machines and robotics performing work formerly done by people.

No worries

For some reason I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it’s 2018.