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I was listening to a bit on the radio the other day about how big business is dealing with mandated employee requirements. Things like increased wages, health insurance, paid time off for various reasons, etc.

Some of the techniques being used are, well, shocking.

It seems that there are a number of loopholes in these mandates that allow employers to avoid paying the extra costs. For example, these mandates tend to apply only to full-time employees, defined as those working 40 hours a week. So employers limit hours to 39 or less.

Many have figured out that they can hire two part-time employees at 20 hours per week and get the same production as a full-time employee.

Not rocket science but where is the conscience in these tactics?

As a small business owner, I have always tried to consider things like employee satisfaction and loyalty. Of course I have always needed people with skills and have invested in their training, so it has served me well to keep them. But even so, it would seem pretty heartless to look someone in the eye, tell them how you plan to deny them a fair deal, and still expect them to feel warm and fuzzy about your company.


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