With dignity and respect

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The biggest conversation going right now is related to how we treat others. The current focus is on how men in positions of power treat women.

But there is a much broader question of how people in positions of power treat those who are subordinate to them. There is always a hierarchy in any workplace. The owners are at the top. Under them are managers, foremen, team leaders, etc. Below them are the “workers” and there may be even lower rungs.

I have always tried is to treat every employee with dignity and respect. The lowest, least important member of any team is still vital to success. The guy who sweeps up at the end of the day is often looked down upon, but if that job is not done well, everyone else will suffer.

Inappropriate treatment of employees is unacceptable in any work environment.

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Back to basics

Technology has been creeping into how we do business for a long time now. Obviously, CNC machines have taken on an increasing role in cutting, milling, shaping, carving, etc. And hand-held tools like routers and sanders are a lot smarter than used to be.

Basic skills

In my junior high shop class, the instructor insisted that we begin by planing the edge of a board. The edge had to be straight and square. I spent most of the semester trying to accomplish this.

It takes work

Every time I see a video or read a tutorial about how to do something, I think again about what it takes to really master a process. There are two parts to learning. One is the acquisition of knowledge. The other is the acquisition of skill.


Over the past couple of years, we have been on an economic roller coaster. The stock markets have been bouncing around like a lopsided super ball, record gains one day, record losses the next.

Who’s right?

It is often said that the customer is always right. Obviously, this is suggesting that the customer should always be accommodated in whatever he or she wants. And, to some extent this is a good policy. It can often lead to a very happy and satisfied customer. But not always.

No such thing

I have a lot of pieces of wood that are too good to throw away but too small to really be useful. We sometimes call pieces like this scrap, but I have always maintained that there is no such thing as scrap.