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Who needs walls?

I had to laugh after reading A.J.'s post about making the shop comfortable. These days, for me, that means not getting rained on.

Since my shop is currently in a large carport-style tent in the backyard, there are no walls vertical enough to hang anything on. Outside of a door I put up at one end – because I got tired of rolling up the tent – everything has to sit on the ground.

Right now, I'm working on getting power to my “shop.” Unfortunately, the only available power is from an outside outlet that shares a circuit with the living room. It's only a 15-amp circuit and with everything on, anything that gets turned on in the shop trips the breaker. So my electrician friend (good to have!) is coming at the end of this week to run a new dedicated circuit. That actually works out well because it takes woodworking off the table for the rest of the week, leaving me free to finish moving.


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