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Where’s the battery?

I used to get frustrated when I would go shopping for toys for my kids. "Sold separately" was always the kicker.

The price of the toy was nothing compared to what you would end up spending after you bought all the accessories without which the basic toy was essentially useless. Funny thing was, the accessories were always pictured on the package. GI Joe would be shown if full regalia, heavily equipped with all of the stuff that was not to be found in the package.

I recently went looking for a small battery-powered circular saw. Found the perfect one: 5-1/4" blade, small, lightweight and powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery, plenty of power for the bit of trim work I wanted it for. The best part was the price of $45! I guess that should have tipped me off right away but I was so pleased at finding what I needed at a reasonable price that I didn't even think about that fine print.

When I unpacked the thing, there was no battery or charger in the box. Just the saw and a cheap carbide blade. Frustrated, I went back to the store and complained, only to learn they were sold separately. Of course the picture on the box shows the saw with its battery attached, leading one to assume that there is one in the box.

Then I learned the battery was $40 and the charger costs another $80. I ended up getting a $35 corded jig saw. Probably a throwaway but at least it came with a plug!


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