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Where's David?

After reading this comment: "I so enjoy reading A.J.’s and David’s blogs that when David’s blog did not appear a couple of weeks ago I actually worried that he had quit writing, or that something terrible had happened. Was he in a car accident? Was he ill? Or just on vacation?"

I thought it might be appropriate to explain my erratic posting schedule. This last year has been a hectic one for my family and me. My wife and I have been immersed in a business (that has nothing to do with woodworking) that we have been trying to get off the ground for some time now. We had arrived in that odd gray area that exists between starting a business and making a success out of it. We had developed our product, designed the packaging, worked out the production glitches and proven the marketability of the product. But we still needed to get it out there.

I had a friend once who was a bit of a nut case but he had a way with words. His advice for someone in our position was, "You gotta get the whiskey to the people!" And that's what we have been doing for most of this year. Running ourselves into the ground, wearing out shoes and tires, pounding the pavement, as they say.

At this point, things are looking a bit better although trying to market a new product in the current economic climate in no picnic! The buyers are there and they both want and need the product. But, for the most part, people seem to be very cautious about spending regardless of how much they want or need what you have to sell. And everyone is looking for a deal. Nevertheless, we are optimistic and I have promised the editor that my posts will be more frequent.


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