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What's it all about?

We were recently treated to (I hope) a well meaning excoriation from one of our readers. He expressed some frustration over the seeming lack of actual woodworking information presented here.

When I got the job of writing this blog, I was pretty uncertain as to how I would approach it. Woodworking is not exactly an area that has suffered from a lack of written material. And much of what is written is, in one way or another, redundant. I realize that there are always new products that can be talked about and new methods that can be discussed. But that seems more in the prevue of the magazine. And I really did not want to simply "retread" well covered ground.

Cameras might not be immediately thought of as relating to woodworking. But most woodworkers find themselves needing photos of their work. The internet might not be thought of as related to woodworking but it has become the primary means of exposure and information exchange for a majority of woodworkers. Health insurance might not seem to be an issue related to woodworking but it is a "no brainer" when it comes to business.

This blog was supposed to be about the business of woodworking. For me, it is virtually impossible to separate business and politics. I may have ventured onto shaky ground in my attempt to keep this interesting and to keep people engaged. I do notice that the posts that touch on political issues usually get the most comments. And that would indicate that readers are engaged.

So I am asking, what would you like to read about here? I guess this is a kind of poll.


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