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What I say

I was taken to task in replies to my last post for discussing issues that were not confined to woodworking but that could be applied to many (or any) businesses.

It was suggested that I limit myself to consideration of only those issues that are directly applicable to woodworking. I have spent several days considering my response to this. My response is, "You gotta be kidding. What's wrong with you?"

I have a friend who runs a shop a few doors down from me. He produces a line of craft items, cutting boards, napkin holders, some game boards and the like. Very nice stuff that is sold mostly through craft fairs, farmer's markets and coop artisan galleries. He is the only English speaker in his shop. Another friend is a contractor. At least 80 percent of his crews are comprised of Spanish speakers. This is typical throughout the industry. So to suggest that the immigration issue is not one that directly affects the woodworking business is patently absurd.

The same holds true for the environmental issues I have discussed. We work with wood for crying out loud. You know, trees? Those big plants that grow in forests that are directly threatened by global pollution and climate change?

To eliminate the discussion of important topics because those topics relate to businesses other than woodworking would be, in my opinion, a disservice rather than a benefit to those who read these posts. Again, I say, hide your head in the sand if you wish. I will continue to comment on issues that affect my woodworking business and your business, and if these topics also affect Joe's sandwich shop down the street, so be it.


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