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Watch your back

In a line in one of his early songs Bob Dylan wrote, “Don’t think twice, it’s alright”. Whatever he was referring to, it was not doing business in today’s climate.

The days when you could do business on a handshake are over. Now, you almost need to be a lawyer to operate even the smallest business.

It seems like every decent, courteous business practice has been corrupted or has vanished completely. God forbid you should have to call customer service or support. The labyrinthian robot voice mail systems that protect even the smallest concern from having to actually talk to you can eat up an entire morning. And even if you do, by some miracle, get a real person, chances are that person will be a contractor

Banks love to process all of your payments before they credit your deposits, causing your checks to bounce even though you have deposited the funds to cover them. That way, they can charge you exorbitant bounced check fees.

I could go on all day but there would be little point. I only want to say the opposite of what Mr. Dylan said, “think twice, it’s NOT alright”. Watch your back.

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