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Useless invention

For the last week, I have been struggling to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. I’m not a big fan.

Left to my own devices, I will wake up at 6:30 in the morning. I don't need an alarm clock unless I need to be up earlier than that.

I cannot imagine anything more useless than Daylight Savings Time. I understand that it was useful when it was implemented but that was a long time ago and there was a reason for it. That's not the case anymore.

My wife grew up on a ranch and she told me they always had two clocks, one for "ranch time" and one for "town time". It seems that cows do not understand why they are not getting fed when they expect it. And crops do not adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

I have thought about just keeping my shop on normal time but that might cause some problems since everyone else would be on a different schedule. I wish we could just forget the whole thing.


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