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Too much information

Throughout my career as a woodworker, I have had an alternate identity, kind of like Bruce Wayne and Batman.

OK, not really. I never went out at night and fought crime. But I did and still do a lot of photography. I never really considered myself a photographer but it has always been a part of my work. I was one of those who welcomed with open arms the age of digital photography. I hated the darkroom and was perfectly happy to abandon it well before digital cameras reached ten megapixels.

The problem is that these new cameras are more like computers than cameras. There are so many options, settings, menus, dials, buttons and switches that sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode! Even the "set it and forget it" setting displays at least a dozen odd looking icons in the viewfinder. I find it a bit disconcerting to be looking at all those little graphics with absolutely no idea of their significance. It's literally taken me years to figure out most of the functions on my present camera which, by this time, has become totally out of date. I shudder at the thought of upgrading because I have no doubt that the newer models will make this one look simple.

And please, don't suggest that I read the manual. That caused far more confusion than just fumbling around with the controls and spending time visiting online forums where you can almost always get your question answered, either by someone who has already been down the same path or by some snooty know it all who makes you feel like a dummy for asking.

That’s OK with me. Just tell me what that button is for!


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