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Too close for comfort

My last post about alarm systems turned out to be timely. The day after I posted it, my neighbor who runs a small grocery store/deli, got robbed.

They have a full surveillance system and were able to catch the whole thing on video. That was important because the event was a bit unusual. While his wife, who was running the store at the time was in the back for a few minutes, a guy walked in and took money from the register.

Obviously, there were some mistakes made. They shouldn’t have left the register unattended, unlocked and filled with cash. But we don't always think about all the possibilities.

Who knows what that guy was thinking? You gotta figure he was pretty desperate. To me, this illustrates the growing need to protect our self and businesses. The days when we can step out for lunch with confidence that all of our stuff will still be there when we return are fading into the past.


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