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This is embarrassing

A fine pickle I have gotten myself into! Two consecutive posts, each promising a follow up. Now I'm in big trouble because I have to figure out which one to follow up on first.

Logic would dictate that they be followed up in the order in which they were posted. But logic often escapes me and I like the idea of going with the one that gets the most comments. Problem there is that, as of this writing, there have not been any comments on either one. In fact, the lack of comments makes me wonder. I think maybe I should keep posting economic advice just to see how much trouble I can stir up!

So, since my brain is fried this week due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm going to procrastinate on the decision. I promise to think about it all weekend, sleep on it, meditate and pray about it and on Sunday evening, I'll make the call by flipping a coin.


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